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Company registration in Croatia + Online Accounting | Internet Bookkeeping in Croatia

Limited liability company or simple limited liability company

Regarding the establishment of a company in Croatia, in addition to the establishment of a

Since last year, in addition to the classic, the establishment of an online company has been introduced in Croatia. If you want to collect the necessary information and prices now, how much do the procedures from setting up a company online to online bookkeeping, online payroll, registration / deregistration of workers, work permits, A1 certificates, which bank to choose for internet banking, the possibility of contracting secretarial services, etc. - for all questions and information we are available through the Contact section.

In this article, we will look at the main differences, and the cost of establishing a D.O.O. and the cost of establishing the J.D.O.O.
The headquarters for starting a business online

According to the Companies Act, when registering a company, you are required to report your business address. The business address can also be defined by the lease agreement.

In our service "Virtual office" we provide the address for company registration in the building in the center of the most beautiful baroque city in Croatia, and with this service we contract online accounting services, and if necessary business support, secretarial services, as well as personnel (recruitment, work permits). , A1 certificates, etc.). In addition to all of the above, we also provide an online program for reviewing business, with front page settings and displaying business results in Croatian, Slovenian, English or German, and displaying business and reports in HRK or EUR. Our branches cover the area from Varaždin to Split, and we cooperate intensively with entrepreneurs in border areas. Basic service packages range from € 100 onwards.

We can offer foreign citizens assistance in opening and the following services:

    Checking the name of the company you want to open (you can also do it yourself via www.sudreg.pravosudje.hr)
    Selection of activities from https://narodne-novine.nn.hr/clanci/sluzbeni/2007_06_58_1870.html
    Preparation and announcement by a notary public
    Addressing company headquarters and business addresses
    Selecting a bank and opening a business account
    Obtaining a VAT number, VAT ID number and EOR number for the company
    Online bookkeeping with online program in Croatian, Slovenian, English or German (invoicing in several languages, 24/7 balance sheet, and business reports for management in tabular and graphical form, with income / expenses, paid / unpaid invoices, expenses by type and share, etc.)
    Secretarial services
    Personnel services (competitions and recruitment of workers, A1 certificates, work permits, registration / deregistration, etc.)

Company name

You should come up with the name under which the company will operate, ie the name of the company, before you start the establishment procedure, since this is the first step and the first question you will encounter. It is good to come up with several variants of the name, because a company that has a similar name to an existing one cannot be founded. On the website of the Ministry of Justice, it is possible to see which names already exist and are occupied at www.sudreg.pravosudje.hr

When choosing a company name, pay attention to the above https://gov.hr/moja-uprava/poslovanje/pokretanje-poslovanja/izbor-imena-drustva/1668
"Company" is the name under which the company operates and under which it participates in legal transactions.

Company activities

Select the activities you will be engaged in, and you can check them in advance at the link https://narodne-novine.nn.hr/clanci/sluzbeni/2007_06_58_1870.html. You can enter as many activities as you want, the price is the same, and the subsequent addition of activities is charged.

How much does it cost to open a company in Croatia

For Limited Liability Company (D.O.O.), additionally you paid:

  •     court registration fee (400 HRK)
  •     notary services vary (but they amount to a little more than HRK 3.000) - we contract our future clients with a notary at the same week and without waiting

A limited liability company (d.o.o.) is a company established by one or more persons wishing to operate under a common name.

Costs of establishing a limited liability company

One of the changes in the establishment of a limited liability company is the possibility of entering share capital in things and rights, provided that the amount of share capital is no longer limited to at least HRK 10,000.00, but to a quarter of share capital (if the share capital is 20,000.00 this means that the amount in cash cannot be less than HRK 5,000.00). At least treba of the monetary part of the share capital should be paid at the time of establishment, and the remaining amount (() should be paid within one year from the establishment of the company.



The application for entry in the court register (form PO, which also approves the name of the company) is certified by a notary public. Certified registration and paid fees are carried in Fin, at the HITRO.HR counter. At the counters you can find the RPS form which is used for the records of the Central Bureau of Statistics and which enables the assignment of the company identification number and the code of the main activity.
Business account of the company (giro account) and registration in the VAT system

When all the paperwork is done, it is necessary to make a company seal (the price varies, depending on the size and shape, approximately 100 kn), and open a company account in the bank and deposit 10 kn of initial capital for j.d.o.o. or HRK 20,000 of initial capital for d.o.o. We organize the opening of a business giro account for our future clients in verified banks that are adapted to online business and mobile management of companies (which, for example, some of the larger Croatian banks have not yet, so caution is needed).

After that, we fill in the necessary forms for registering clients in the VAT system, depending on the choice.

Establishment of a company in Croatia for foreigners / foreign citizens

There are options in which foreigners in Croatia can establish a company under the same conditions as Croatian citizens. For more information on establishing a company in Croatia for foreigners, feel free to contact.

Hiring your own accountant is often too much of an expense for many start-ups, but some respectable companies with 50 or more employees do not opt ​​for this option, for various reasons. Further increase in efficiency and reduction of costs were made possible by internet technologies and adequate bookkeeping programs, so now companies can have online bookkeeping - with the received service as if they have an internal expert in finance and bookkeeping, but at significantly lower costs.

Online Bookkeeping in Croatia or classic bookkeeping?

Why would you change the current way of keeping business books? There are several reasons, and on this occasion we will look at some of them.
Higher speeds of internet connections have enabled the development of services and applications based on internet technologies. Banking was among the first to make its services available via PC and online connectivity, and there is no longer a need to go to bank branches with a bunch of bank transfers that clerks rewrite, while we patiently wait our turn. And companies from other sectors are increasingly beginning to take advantage of the benefits of eBusiness. As usual, smaller and more agile companies are especially open to all innovations, especially if they see new places to save and speed up business processes, and ways to be one step ahead of the competition.
Purchasing and sales services want to have daily information on price changes and purchasing and sales conditions, realized price differences by products, product groups, suppliers and customers, monitoring of collection by days of deferred payment, overdrafts, discount scales, aggregate and periodic invoicing. Production requires work orders with all data on material costs, labor, sludge, dissolution, breakage, write-offs, etc. Management requires management reports in the field of management accounting on a daily basis.
All this documentation and business processes need to be processed, for which there are various software solutions, which are used from sales and procurement to services that keep our business books, company management, etc. Some jobs are done by people in the company, and some can outsource to external firms such as accounting services, IT companies, etc.… The greater the complexity of business processes or the greater the amount of documents to be processed - the greater the likelihood of error in transferring or copying data from one software to another. It often happens that the records of business changes are not timely and that the management and other responsible persons in the company do not have timely insight into business results and cannot make adequate decisions based on real results in real time. Often the bookkeeping service is late with the processing of documentation, or they did not receive it from you in time because you simply did not have time to go to the location of the service and submit the necessary documents, which further slows down monitoring results and business policy throughout the year. Unwanted balance sheets can hardly be repaired after the end of the business year.
Most of these problems can be solved by switching to Online Bookkeeping.

Exchanging documents via Dropbox or Google drive - not eBookkeeping! It can even happen that with the application of such a method of exchange you have more errors in bookkeeping records than in classic bookkeeping (which of course you do not know, because you do not have access to them and the data is not transparent).

Online bookkeeping programs

If you use the same program as your accountant, you will not need to submit outgoing invoices to the bookkeeping service, because they are already in the bookkeeping program. Incoming documents are sent via e-mail or fax to the bookkeeping service and there is no need for personal delivery of documents to the location of the service, and the company archives the originals with itself. The submitted documents are imported and processed by the bookkeeper in the bookkeeping program, and the user can view them at any time and check whether they have been processed and posted, without the need to browse the registers.
The goal of such programs is for the user to have an insight into the bookkeeping program and their own financial operations from the comfort of their office and not have to specifically ask for information and paper reports that only the bookkeeping service has, but you can access your data independently.

Online bookkeeping + program

By contracting bookkeeping services with Valdez d.o.o. in the package with bookkeeping services you also get access to the bookkeeping program. You can use the program in your work to issue invoices, make offers, keep records of employees' working hours, access the partner's address book, review debts and receivables, view reports, etc ... You can use the program 0-24 hours a day, 7 days a week , and prices range from 100 € + VAT for micro companies onwards.

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